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Beijing D&H (Linyi) Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “Linyi branch”) is approved by the department of justice of Shandong to be established on March 13th, 2015. It’s administered by the department of justice of Linyi directly. Linyi branch consists of senior lawyers from Beijing headquarters and young lawyers with outstanding qualities and business skills. It has about twenty attorneys, apprentice lawyers and assistants.
Linyi branch owned an office space of more than four hundred square meters, which is well placed for east neighbor as Linyi intermediate people's court and nearby the Linyi municipal government office building and administrative service center.
Linyi branch practices the system of expert argumentation in complex and difficult cases and the collective discussion system for difficult cases, and employs well-known experts and consultants. It sufficiently takes its advantages of specialists from Beijing headquarters and other resources, in accordance with our ideal of “Morality is reflected by conduct and excellence is demonstrated through tiny things.” and keep firmly in mind an old adage that “Strenuousness makes good achievement; honesty makes good business.” Linyi branch will develop the overall advantages of D&H, based on litigation services, especially on intellectual property, corporation and investment areas, to provide professional, high quality, high efficiency law services for the beautiful city Linyi, which is globally famous as “China Capital City of Logistics” and “China second largest commodity wholesale market”, and also for the economic and social development on Qi-Lu ground.

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