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Attorney Lang Xiaofeng has been invited to the World Health Seminar

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 On October 10th to 14th, 2016, World Health Organization (WHO) held the Fifth Annual Workshop on promoting road safety legislation seminar in the Swiss headquarters in Geneva. Dr. Etienne Krug, the director of non-communicable diseases, disability, violence and injury prevention management office, presided over the opening ceremony of the meeting and gave a warm welcome to all the participants. He stressed that our world is facing enormous challenges from road safety hand, is also facing many opportunities to improve road safety situation. Lang Xiaofeng, the senior partner of Beijing D&H law firm, was invited to participate in the meeting and at the meeting, on the issue of vehicle-use child safety seats, made a keynote speech related to the legislation problem in China. He discussed above subject with staff of WHO and lawyers, legislative workers, law enforcement officer, researchers, and media workers from other countries.

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