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Beijing D&H (Linyi) Law Firm branch participated in the synchronous video train

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  March 29th, 2016, Beijing Dehong law firm held a training of project PPP about legal business. Mr. Kong Deyi, the senior partner of D&H HQ and the only co-counsel attorney of Treasury PPP promotion center, made a speech in Beijing. The training took the field training and remote video combination, to achieve all of the Beijing HQ, Linyi branch, and Yinchuan branch could remote video synchronization.
      Mr. Kong participated in the Ministry of finance to promote PPP Promotion Center for many PPP projects, also conducted a number of PPP policy, legal business, fund business publicity and training. In 2016, when the Ministry of finance to carry out the PPP demonstration project and landing work, PPP ushered in a wave of climax in China. However, for this career vigorously promoted by nation, whether its local government, enterprises, social capital, lawyers or many other services, PPP is an integrated comprehensive service, whether its financial, legal, engineering construction, administrative approval, finance or so on, are faced with new knowledge and lack of practice experience. Therefore, Mr. Kong introduced the basic system of PPP to D&H lawyers, including operating instructions, PPP project contract, the evolution in China and the establishment of the background, the main policy specification, the current situation and the expected development in the future. He combined the practical experience to explain the lawyer opportunities in the PPP business, PPP legal service definition and content, main points of lawyers and skills, so that benefit the trainees to have a clearer understanding to the PPP policy and legal services. Lawyers spoke highly of Mr. Kong’s brilliant speech.
     To participate in the training, Dehong Linyi branch carefully arranged and purchased equipment and set up video conference system with Beijing headquarters. Actively organize Linyi branch lawyers to participate in the training to implement the resource sharing with Beijing headquarters, and receive favorable comments by all the staffs.

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